Photohunt: Self-portrait

This week’s Photohunt theme is “Self-portrait”… I have a few… as in “a lot”. Here are a few favourites.

New Shoes…

This morning, my dear friend Az, in Sevilla, posted about some shoes she was thinking of buying. I thought they looked so nice and comfy but I wasn’t sure if the would be available, here in Canada, let alone in Ottawa! I found that they ARE available in Canada and, more importantly, in Ottawa, at Glebe Trotters.


El Naturalista

Some of the shoes in the El Naturalista line are a bit… goofy-looking for my tastes but I just loved the look of these. They are expensive but really, when you consider that I rarely find shoes I can wear, that I like, and that my chiropractor will approve of, I think they were worth the price. I usually end up with something which is “sort of comfortable” and which I hope will eventually get more comfortable. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

The guy measured me and said size 36… whatever size that is… would be right. I couldn’t get my foot into is at all. I ended up with a 40 (he said it was around a 9). My problem is that my feet are slightly different sizes and while one is long and turns in, the other is wide and flat (as a result of being stepped on by a draft horse). If one shoe fits, the other is either going to be too big or too small. These ones are comfy right away and will form to fit my odd-shaped feet.

Thanks, Az!

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