My “eternal soul”…

In a discussion on Facebook precipitated by the interview with Ricky Gervais last evening on “Piers Morgan Tonight”, where Piers Morgan, who is Catholic, expressed the thought that many Christians have about how Atheists view death. He opined that it mush be “terribly sad” for Ricky Gervais (and by extension Athiets, in general) to “worry” about not having something to go on to when he (they) die(s).

Something along the lines of “It must be awful to be an atheist and believing that that’s ‘it’… That there’s nothing more…” Why do Christians think that Atheists “get depressed” about there not being anything after this life? That life is bleak and meaningless because we don’t believe in god?

Do they think we would just go through life seriously “depressed” by the reckoning that there’s “nothing on the other side”? If your reason or one of your reasons for choosing to believe gives you some comfort about “what’s next”, that’s up to you. Frankly, I have no more worry than the next person does about death because of my not wanting to give up those I know and love, not because I am worries about not having made a reservation someplace “on the other side”.

My two (main) reasons for not wanting to go to heaven (IF I even believed in the place) are:

1) What would you DO for an eternity? No one has explained WHAT exactly one would DO up there… I’d be bored to tears within a week…

2) If I had t…o spend an eternity along with the likes of Pat Robertson and 99% of the people who are so damn sure they are going to go there, I’d refuse to go. I’d rather burn in hell with all the people who that 99% are so damn sure AREN’T going to heaven….

As I said, no one has ever been clear on what, exactly, one is supposed to do for an eternity “up there”. The only thing they say is that everyone you knew and loved (except the ones who are supposed to go the other way which pretty well narrows down the people who I know I would want to spend an eternity with) and you are supposed to be able to hang around with them… Doing WHAT, exactly?

NO one wants to hear me sing and/or play the harp. I doubt very much there’s anything on offer up there that is any better than what I can do down here and, quite frankly, there’s absolutely nothing I want to do for the rest of eternity. My personal belief is that it is better to do the best you can down here without worrying about whether or not you “deserve” to spend eternity bowling or knitting or drinking nectar or (god forbid) just floating about as an amorphous mass.

Do right BY the gifts NATURE has given you and TO those around you, do as little harm to this blessed Earth and go when your time is up without worry or fear about the fact that there’s “nothing else”. That’s my “best and worst case” scenario.

Since I have absolute faith that there is nothing “after this” beyond a recycling of my mortal remains, I have not a single worry about where I am going. If, which I very much doubt, there IS a god he or she thinks I have been so terrible that I deserve to “burn in hell” for my supposed bad behaviour (let alone one that allows the horrors that humankind can do to one another because “they will pay for it later”), they aren’t a god I have much respect for.

And for all those who feel “sorry” for me not believing… Don’t spend a split second worrying about my “soul”. Worry about your own and what you are doing here, instead.


  1. Bel said,

    January 25, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Well said there. Dmitri had some interesting ideas about the ‘meeting your loved ones’:

    Now, there’s a thought, eh? 😀

  2. sandy said,

    January 22, 2011 at 3:06 am

    Heaven for the climate.

    Hell for the conversation…

    • mudhooks said,

      January 22, 2011 at 5:01 am

      Lol… Actually, I think I’d probably prefer the heat.

  3. azahar said,

    January 22, 2011 at 1:39 am

    I’ve totally stopped giving a shit about what religious wingnuts think or say anymore. Remember Della? Her studied ignorance used to drive me mental until I realised that she mostly spewed all that crap just for attention.

    I don’t understand why “believers” think anyone else should pay attention to them. And especially – when they offer you their prayers – that you should feel grateful. Meh.

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