IKEA angst….

WHY, Oh, WHY do people think it is appropriate or necessary to bring every single member of the family along to IKEA plus every child within a 5 mile radius of their home?????? As far as I am concerned, if you absolutely insist on bringing children or any member of the family not able to walk in a straight line at a reasonable pace or able to have care and control of a cart they should be duct-taped to a stroller.

And the next time I go to IKEA, I will bring an air-horn with me. I will no longer resort to screaming “EXCUSE ME” in your ear as you amble in ever decreasing circles in the aisle while carrying a Hrvrtxsis ice-cube mould and a Tvudermööööökenhangle ear-wax caddy and stare glassy-eyed at the ceiling, in order to get by you. Be warned….

And don’t get me started on those horrible cardboard “meat” balls….

They should open an IKEA which is exclusively for people who want to get in, get the thing they want, and get the fuck out…. I’d pay extra for that.

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