Well, well, well…

It turns out that I AM going to be renewed at the end of December for another 3 months. Not just as a contractor but as a term employee. That means that for the next 3 months I will have my benefits, holidays, and sick days. If I am renewed at the end of March for another three months, it will likely be on the same terms.

This is great news because I was trying to cram a whole lot of dental work in by the end of December and it looked like one procedure wasn’t going to make it in by the deadline. Now I don’t have to worry. It also means that I have a bit more time to pay off my VISA bill. The job won’t last forever which is something I was aware of but at least it isn’t going to come to a crashing halt before I am prepared. I am hoping to make myself as indispensable as possible in hopes that someone will think twice about not submitting a call-up with my name on it.

And, apropos nothing…

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  1. azahar said,

    December 10, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    That’s great news! And good that you have more time to fit in all the dental work.

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