PhotoHunter: Miniature

This week’s PhotoHunter theme is “miniature”.

One of the many things that I have acquired over the years from my mother is a rather beautiful powder compact (another word for miniature). I don’t know how she got it or when, but I suspect that it was during the early 1950s when she was living in New York City with my father.

My father was an enamelist in those days, living and working in the Lower East Side and then in Greenwich Village. He also taught at the Art Student’s League. I know the piece is not his and although there is no signature, I suspect that it might be by and artist by the name of Karl Drerup. It is of such a high quality that it really outshines the chipped yellow metal compact.

Karl Drerup used the image of St. George (of St. George and the Dragon fame) in a quite a number of works and I think the piece bears a striking resemblance to some of his work.

I have sent a query off to the Karl Drerup Art Gallery at Plymouth State University, just on the off-chance.

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