Photohunt: Stripes

This week’s Photohunt theme is “Stripes”….

Sweet Dumpling Squashes are striped and delicious. Since they are smallish, one squash serves one to two persons. We will be having some of these for our Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.

Other squashes are striped, as well.

Some of my favourite stripes appear in photos taken from the dash on late-might drives…

This weekend is also the last weekend of the Butterfly Show at Carleton University. I took Mom today but it was really crowded and parents were not controlling their children and they were disturbing any butterflies I tried to take photos of, as well as pushing past Mom who is frail and walks with a cane. So… only a couple of bad photos. However, the following are from two visits several years ago.

These are all brought in and hatched in the greenhouse specially for the exhibit. The exhibit lasts for 10 days and many of the butterflies are near the end of their life-cycle by the end of the show (as seen by the photo of the butterfly at bottom centre whose wings are so worn that they are now transparent).

I have more photos, here and here

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