Cat shit…

A few weeks ago, for about $10 (on sale), I bought a great mat to go under Benjamin’s cat box. I was getting tired of finding chunks of the silica crystal litter all over the floor and, worse, standing on one in the night. Those things hurt! And they stick to your feet.

Most of the mats I have seen are small faux grass mats which the cats hate the feel of so they kust jump over. This is a large mat made of a rubberized material. The little sticks to it but is easily swept up or you can pick up the mat and knock the bits back into the box. Plus, it is “reasonably” attractive…. sort of… It isn’t ugly, let’s put it that way.

Because the box is in the bathroom and this thing breathes, it doesn’t soak up water and get all mildewy and mouldy.

And, you can cut it to the size you want, as well.

On an unhappy note, our friend Selene’s 12 year old Tortoiseshell, Kari, had not been eating, drinking or pooping for several days. She took her to the vet on Thursday and the vet seemed to think it was allergies. She gave her Prednisone. But on Friday night, she was worse and when I went over on Saturday, she was panting and her lips and gums were white.

We took Kari to the animal hospital and they said it was congestive heart failure. They could give her some meds and she might live another year but that her quality of life would be diminished. Selene decided to let her go.

Selene said that she hadn’t cried in 12 years and she wasn’t going to start now… but she cried and cried… She was so distraught that she was unable to tell the vet “Yes” to give the shot. So I had to do it.

I felt terrible. Selene initially decided not to stay in the room when Kari was given the injection but I said that she might regret staying in the room but she would likely regret NOT having stayed in the room, more. So she stayed.

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