PhotoHunt: Numerical

This week’s PhotoHunt theme is Numerical…

I was wracking my brain trying to think of something for the theme and then took a break to edit and save a recording I made this evening on my new toy…

Omnitech Digital Voice Recorder

The term “digital” comes from the  Latin word “digit” meaning finger, because the fingers are used for counting (I am a finger-counter, myself!). Digit also refers to numbers, of course!

Without going too deeply into the hows and wherefores of digital technology, digital technology uses numbers, letters and symbols to represent information. Digital technology allows us to record, transmit, and display information easily and quickly. As well, unlike analog methods, digital communications are generally error-free, copies of copies can be made indefinitely. The technology allows information to be stored and transmitted in smaller and smaller devices.

Digital technology allows me to record quickly, easily, and very satisfactorily, with a minimum of equipment, photos and now sound.

As for the sound?

Pretty darned good! The room was large and there wasn’t a large audience (and some insisted on talking through the show… 😦 ). I was right up front and there were sound issues. However, the first set which was my friend Ken solo on acoustic guitar was great. With the larger band that followed, which a much louder sound and a number of instruments, the sound wasn’t very good.  I was only using the device itself to record the sound and not the mic.

Ken and Rob are playing tomorrow night so I will try with the remote mic and also try adding some acoustic foam over the mic and the built-in mic and see if there’s a difference.

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