Unusual rainbow

On Thursday (Canada Day), Mom and I stopped at our favourite hot dog and ice cream stand, in Kemptville. While we were having our ice cream, we saw this incredible rainbow. It was a complete bow, and really vivid.

I suddenly realized I had my camera and dug it out but the battery was dying. I was trying to find my other battery which I appear to have lost. The OTHER one was charging at home.

I had to keep letting the camera rest because the battery revives once or twice once it dies, if you let it rest.

I finally got a last shot and the battery died completely.

However, this shot shows something I have never seen before. Below the rainbow are several repeated rows of colour. At one point, there was a reverse of the rainbow below but as it was fading out, there were at least three rainbows right under the main bow.

I’ve enhanced the colour so you can see them better in the photos.

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