PhotoHunter: Open

This week’s PhotoHunter theme is “Open”….

I immediately thought of my cat, Benjamin who whenever he discovers a door, box, drawer, whatever, he HAS to investigate.

What are we composting , today?


Just to say…. I do not like harnessing my cat.  However, we have some neighbours who are rather pedantic about the co-op by-law that says you have to have your cats harnessed. Other cats freely roam, both from inside and outside the co-op, but for some reason, Benjamin seems to be a target of one particular neighbour’s complaints. While every other person I ask hasn’t a single complaint about Benjamin or any other cat, this one neighbour has complained freely to everyone but me.

To my knowledge, he hasn’t actually gone in her yard and since she has never complained to me, I don’t even know what he’s supposed to be doing that she finds problematic.

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