So… the move is effectively finished.

The cleaners come in tomorrow and a friend is coming over on Saturday to help me wash the windows (the cleaners “don’t do windows”).

I haven’t yet tackled the garden, either cleaning or taking the plants I want. However, since they will still be working in the house putting in new carpets and the hall and kitchen tiles and then painting, the place won’t be ready for anyone to move in for a while, yet.

Of course, I have had people coming up and asking if they can have any plants and flowers I don’t want. Apparently, everyone likes my garden. I thought everyone hated it because it is a jungle.

Removing the plants and flowers I want to move here will take some time because some of them are just ready to bloom. I can’t even dig up the bulbs, yet, because they have to wait until the foliage is done. Unfortunately, things like my Alium are REALLY good this year and my new garden won’t have the benefit of them. Also, moving plants generally stops them blooming again for at least one year.

However, it will give me a change to put the compost which has been collecting for a number of years in and get the soil ready for the plants to come over.

As long as what happened to another former neighbours’ garden doesn’t happen to mine.

The other neighbour had a beautiful wildflower garden. For years she had been bringing in plants from all over the countryside and it was beautiful. She had promised several neighbours that when she left they could help themselves. The day after she moved out another neighbour and her mother who doesn’t even live in the co-op came in and tore the garden apart. They just ripped out the plants and threw them out.

The same woman (the mother) just takes it upon herself to do things here without any sort of concern as to whether she has a right to do so or whether the interference is necessary. She’s the sort that is very “prim and proper” but rude and disrespectful of others who she sees as being blow her.

The first official day we were in our new home, the satellite installer came. He opened one of the utility boxes on the side of our house and just about had a heart attack when the little red squirrel who lives in the back area came bursting out. It turns out that the squirrel had a nest in the utility box. We carefully closed the box and later the squirrel went back in to his (her?) nest.

That was Friday. On Sunday morning, Mom and I were pulling into our parking space just as the mother rounded the corner carrying a piece of panelling with the nest on it and dumped it in the parking lot. Thank goodness there were no babies in the nest (and lucky for her or I would have called the Humane Society). Not only did she not have a right to mess with the nest because she doesn’t LIVE here but it it is just plain wrong. The nest wasn’t interfering with anything. It was on the side of MY house. AND disturbing it means that the squirrel might decide to move somewhere “safer” like someone’s attic.

Besides. This is a little squirrel. Hardly a rat and doing no one any harm.

I just don’t understand some people.

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