Almost done….

At least the move is almost done. A few objects in the living room to come over but I have to clear someplace for them to go. The plants (not to mention my old garden) need to come, as well. And then there is the CLEANING!

I am going to hire cleaners to come in. There isn’t THAT much to do but I am fed up and just want to get the keys handed over and be done with it all.

I HAVE gotten my mother’s room set up and her bathroom and part of the kitchen so that there is someplace for her to sleep, be able to use the bathroom and to eat.

The satellite dish has yet to be set up and I just don’t know when we can get around to putting in the pole and then getting Bell back to install. If I didn’t hate Roger’s so much, I would go with cable but that just ain’t gonna happen.

The room I intend to use as my bedroom is piled with stuff but my office is starting to take shape. I am also sleeping in here on the day bed (my old bed) until the bedroom is in order so that I can reassemble my old double bed and get a new mattress.


Since my office faces more or less East, I have been waking up with the sun coming right in on me. Pretty but I don’t want to be awake at 5 am… I now have curtains on the window.

View from the office window


The view from the bedroom

You can see the corner of my old yard in the right corner of the above photo.

My yard

Sorry, the ducting is the old hook-up for my dryer. It is going out with the recycling next week. The lilacs are heavenly, though they need a bit of cutting back. I put a bird feeder out this afternoon and it was being used before it got dark!

More photos here


  1. azahar said,

    May 10, 2010 at 10:23 am

    It looks very nice! Lovely view from your bedroom … and all that space! It’s like having your own apartment upstairs. I like the wall colours too – were they freshly painted before you moved in?

    • mudhooks said,

      May 10, 2010 at 6:56 pm

      Personally, I’m not crazy about the wall colour. Sort of a cafe-au-lait colour… ish. The whole house is that colour. I think I’d have preferred white. But beggars… choosers… It is lovely and quiet up here, so far.

      We are slowly getting the living room sorted so now Mom has somewhere to sit instead of just on her bed. The last of the stuff came over from the old place but now I have to clean. I hope to hear from the cleaning company. If I don’t hear by later today, I will have to call them. I hate cleaning and while most of the stuff is very light, some is going to be horribly difficult.

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