We went out for a drive, today, but the weather and the light, and the route wasn’t exactly forthcoming on interesting ruins or the light to photograph them in. Hopefully, the next few weeks will bring about better weather and better lighting situations. Hopefully, too, I will have the time to get out and about to do some photographing. We should be moving in the next month or so, as soon as we get the go-ahead to move into the new house.

In the meantime, my hankering for ruins must be fulfilled vicariously…

I came across a posting about drawings of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo and other places, the work of Motoda Hisaharu, a Japanese artist. His work is stunning.

“Indication-National Stadium4 (Bird's Nest)”

“Indication-Tokyo University 2”

The Japanese seem to have it all where large-scale abandonments are concerned. For such a small country, there are a lot of very large buildings and complexes which have been simply left empty. They also don’t seem to have suffered quite as badly from vandalism as buildings elsewhere would have. Is it the general law-abiding nature of the Japanese? The remoteness of many of the locations? Perhaps it is  simply that the litigious nature of North Americans that generally makes such sites out-of-bounds, here.

Here are a few via a Japanese photographer whose name, I’m afraid I don’t know. His name wasn’t provided in English characters. The descriptions are in Japanese, so the original use  of only a few of the locations are apparent which adds to the mystery of many of the photos.


Hoy, hoy!

Not alone

All I can work out from the next photographer is that they are in Taiwan, that they post on a blog which I found it hard to navigate about (and seemed to end in 2008), and that they are post on Flickr under the name Cypherone. Some really great photos, many of abandoned places.

"Ladybug and blowball"

"UFO house in Wanli"

"UFO houses in Sanjhih"

Closer to home, a photographer in St Paul, MN, Teresa Boardman, produces some wonderful photos, some of abandoned buildings. Most of her photos are in HDR. While I am not ALWAYS a fan of  HDR (some people seem to use it for every photo they take and it just…. I don’t know… seems wasted), done well, it can be glorious. These are glorious.

"Officer's Quarters, Fort Snelling"

"Shack" (Tennessee)

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