PhotoHunter: Broken

This week’s PhotoHunter theme is “Broken”…

I may have shown the first of these before, though not this photo. It’s of a Raku pot I made. It was deliberately broken after the first firing, glazed and then fired in a Raku kiln. I gave this to my therapist when she retired. She found that many of her patients were fascinated with it and their associations with it opened new avenues of discussion. I was very pleased about this.


While the first was deliberately broken, the second fractured on its own in the Raku firing process. The crackle in the glaze occurs during the rapid cooling of the firing process. The smoke and creosote that covers the surface during the oxygen reduction enhances the crackles. This is one of my favourite pieces.

"Cracked and Crackled"

A few years ago, I went to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party workshop. We made glass mosaic mirror frames. Mine is the blue one. My friend’s daughter’s one is the flower design (she was, I think, 11 when she made this). My friend’s is the one with the lizard. I think she also made the orange one (she was fast!) because she gave it to my niece who loves orange. Her niece made the dog one.

Glass Mosaics

And, of course, because I can’t leave anything alone here is a fiddled-with detail from my mosaic…

Mosaic detail (tweaked)

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