My vision…

… seems to be improving.  I was able to drive today without much of a problem. I bought some new wrap-around sunglasses which are large enough to put on over my glasses and to block out light coming in from the side, so, aside from a few minutes when I first went out, I wasn’t bothered by the glare from the sun.

I don’t have any problems seeing distance. It was the close reading and details that were really blurry. The seem to be a bit better (I think).

I’ll have to be careful… Tje little bottle of eyedrops is about the same size as the little tubes of Krazy Glue… 😉 (That’s also a visual pun!) Luckily the tubes are in a plastic bottle.

Finally got the second of two Benevolent Postcard Society cards off this evening. And for the second time, I forgot to scan it before sending it. I hope THIS time I hear if it got where its going. I have only heard the one card reached its destination. 😦

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