I’m sure there’s a lesson in this…

… but damned if I can tell you what it is.

In the last two weeks, by eyes have been bothering me. Ultra sensitive to the light  (having to wear TWO pairs of sunglasses* while driving and one pair in the office) and the right eye feeling “scratchy”. I finally decided to make an appointment with my eye doctor and went in this morning. I got there and discovered my appointment was NEXT week but they said they would fit me in. I was really glad they would do so and after seeing the eye doctor VERY glad they did.

It was late last night that I suddenly thought “I wonder if this could have anything to do with the Shingles I had last fall?”.

It does.

I was sent immediately to the Eye Institute.

It is either a recurrence of or a residual infection from the Shingles.

Today, not only was my eye sensitive to the light but we found that there is a significant reduction in the vision in the eye (sharpness-wise). I can barely see the top line in the chart, whereas in the fall, I was seeing as far down as the last line.

So I am on drops and ointment and have to go back next week to the Eye Institute. Luckily…. and this is where my “It Could Be Worse” luck comes in… They don’t think there will be permanent damage to the eye.

Fingers crossed….

I have been wondering if all these “It could be worse” things are Karmatic… Getting me back for being a hypochondriac when I was a kid.

*Apparently, wearing two pairs of polarized sunglasses cancels out the polarization, a fact I did not know until this morning.

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