PhotoHunter: Bird(s)

A day late and a dollar short… Well, a day late, anyway.

This week’s PhotoHunter theme is Bird(s). So, without further ado:

The reappearance of my sister’s Peach-faced Love Bird, Elvis. Sadly, Elvis isn’t the sexy boy he once was. He has taken to plucking out his feathers on his shoulders and back, leaving them bare.




These two lovely little fellows are older than I am (so… older than 53).  Once upon a time, there was a mother bird. However, she has long since disappeared. They would have been bought at this Swedish furnishings shop that I remember so well from the Hardy Arcade.

They  sat atop the piano for most of my life.

The one on the left is somewhat handicapped by his bent right leg and both are a bit scuffed but they are happy in their retirement home in the cabinet in my bedroom.

"Swedish Birds"

"Swedish Birds"

This last one is one of a series I took of a bird trapped between the glass and some plywood in the window of an abandoned building. Poor thing.



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