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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a “bit” of a groupie… There are a number of local bands, as well as well-known artists which I follow and/or am friends with.

I photograph and video-tape a lot of local events and bands.

Lately, because of my mother’s various ailments and my own medical issues, I have sort of gotten behind on the production of the videos I have taken over the last year… WAAAAAYYYY behind. Same with the photos, although because they are easier and less time consuming  to download, I have less of a backlog.

Some of my favourite images are…


Shawn Brown, Dave Kerr, and Janice Fitzsimmons - jamming



Rob Smith


Ken (Ken Workman and The Union)

I posted these in another PhotoHunter challenge.

It arrived!

My Great Great Grandfather Joseph Baker Comer’s medal arrived today, along with a stack of copies of documents from the National Archives in Washington…. Pension applications and related docs, my Great Great Grandmother’s Widow’s Pension application and related documents, and what I think are referred to as his service cards.

The medal is smaller than I imagined… and so was my Great Great Grandfather, only 5′ 6″ tall.

As Dave, the previous owner pointed out, I received it 2 days after Veterans Day (and our Remembrance Day), and a week to the day from the day Joseph B. Comer signed up 148 years ago. All-in-all, very fitting.








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