Nomad: Two Worlds


Beds are burning

“NOMAD TWO WORLDS in Australia.  Proudly presented by V Australia.  Beginning with a joint “Welcome to Country” ceremony with Nomad project participants and supporters, The Black Eyed Peas, NOMAD TWO WORLDS kicked off its Australian activities in the Virgin Lounge at Sydney airport on September 28, 2009.

Created by photographer Russell James, with Indigenous Australian artist Clifton Bieundurry and others, the collaborative art project is a stunning example of reconciliation and true cultural collaboration in action, inspired by the Australian reconciliation movement (initiated by Australian Prime Minister kevin Rudd’s apology speech in February 2008) between its modern western culture that settled there some two hundred years ago and its Aboriginal people, the world’s oldest surviving culture.

The project has involved years of groundwork, including travel to remote regions of North Western Australia. In the spirit of reconciliation, senior Indigenous custodians provided access to sites of great cultural significance to the aboriginal people.  Burial grounds, gorges, stunning coastlines and desert locations-often restricted and secret-were allowed to be photographed and filmed by Mr. James. The photographs were then reproduced to become oversized canvases for indigenous artists such as Clifton Bieundurry who then painted ‘story’ into the images; legends and concepts that relate directly to the image on the photographic canvas. The result, an unprecedented artistic collaboration of hand embellished art photographs that form the heart of Nomad Two Worlds installation.  Three short films by Mr. James  also provide a glimpse of his broader Nomad Two Worlds project thematic: INNOCENCE, INHIBITION and DISCOVERY as the three stages of cultural collision are explored: the past, the present and potential future outcomes through meaningful reconciliation.”

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