Sunday morning.

I forgot to post this. I was up all night Saturday night and just didn’t feel like hauling my ass out of bed to make it to church on Sunday morning.

Sometime after noon, I heard Mom come in from outside. I thought perhaps she had gone across to the store or for a little walk.

A few minutes later she came up and peeked in. When she saw I was awake she said that she had shown a couple of people her leg (where she scraped her skin off falling off a chair) and grossed them out. I assumed she meant some people in the co-op. “No!” she said “Maggie, for one.”….

Maggie? The only Maggie we know is at church. “How did you see Maggie to show her your leg?”

“When I went to church!”

It transpires that she took the bus right across town (about a 45 minute to an hour  ride with several transfers) and then walked 5 or six blocks from the bus station near the highway to the school where our Fellowship meets! Apparently, people at church gave her heck fro not calling someone to give her a ride. Luckily, it was not the Sunday when the Fellowship was meeting at a place we are thinking of moving to or she’d have had to turn around and come home.

I was both pleased and upset. Pleased because her not just feeling like trekking across town but actually DOING so means that she is feeling a LOT better. Upset because we are still trying to monitor her to make sure she doesn’t have one of her “turns”. However, she didn’t and she managed to walk all that distance without her hip hurting. Of course, she also forgot to take her cane so that if she HAD had problems, she wouldn’t have had it to help her.

Maggie drove her home.



Here’s a nifty little program called Poladroid.

With Poladroid, you can turn any photo into a Polaroid-like image. It even “develops” so you can save copies as it processes.

There are a very little bug in the Beta version (like having to wait until all the images you’ve chosen to render finish and then closing the program to get rid of the images floating about on your screen). As well, English doesn’t seem to have been the first (or even third) language of the creators so that instructions are a little odd. The website itself is fine and there is a downloadable instruction guide which is in good English. It was the actual download instructions and some of the pop-ups I got while developing that were… weird.

The settings allow you to increase (though not pick) special effects to the photo or paper, such as scratches, dirt and fingerprints (different on each image, so you can play around with one image until you get something you like). You can also select the amount of blur and rotation in your image.

The images develops slowly and they’ve even built into it the ability to speed things up by “shaking” the image as you would with a real Polaroid.





"Long Riders" without effects


"Long Riders" with effects

There are a few online options, as well.

At Rollip, you can select a layout, upload an image and then download it. Nice options available in the free version and up can go pro, as well. I like the options better on Rollip and it’s faster.





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