When the doctor says… Hmmmm….

Over the last few weeks, I have had a series of annoying, painful, and mysterious symptoms crop up involving various parts of my face….

First was what I was convinced was the start of a tooth ache which I was dreading having to get checked out at the dentist, given my fear of the dentist’s office. Then it appeared to migrate into my right sinus and ear, causing my ear to ache and a ringing sound every time I talked or heard any noise above a whisper.

While that was still in full swing, the left sinus around my nose started hurting and the inside of my nose. This was accompanied by a rather Scarlett Johansson-like swelling of my upper lip and gum. All very attractive.

I went to the doctor, convinced I had either an ear or sinus infection or both. While he said that my nasal passages were very red, he said it wasn’t an actual infection and prescribed a nasal spray. He also suggested it might be a reaction to Micardis, my blood pressure medication, warning me that if it happened again to go to the hospital. I was very relieved when the swelling went down and, aside from a sore nose (and the ringing in my ear, still), everything seemed to settle down a bit.

The day before yesterday, my eyes started getting itchy and I had the familiar symptoms of “pink-eye” or Conjunctivitis. Last night my eyes were puffy and red and burning so figured a trip to the doctor was in order. However, since “pink-eye” isn’t accompanied by a rash and your face doesn’t usually burn, nor does you head feel like someone hit you with a baseball bat (or swell up), I was at a loss as to what the problem is.

So, off I toddled to the clinic to see Dr. J.


Not Conjunctivitis; not (probably) a reaction to my BP meds though he is changing them to be on the safe side; definitely not a sinus infection, obviously…


I  go back to see him in a week, sooner if the symptoms worsen.

Meanwhile, the workshop tomorrow will feature a sunglasses-wearing, swollen-headed, patchy-faced, woman who looks like she’s had a  a bad sunburn and feels like she has a wrold-class migraine.

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