PhotoHunter: Belated Utensil….

This is a day late and, unusually for me, short and sweet. My favorite utensil, either by type and specifically…

My pair of stainless steel chopsticks. Purchased at a shop in Trenton, Ontario, they are stylish, simple, sturdy, and easily cleaned and popped into my purse when I go out to eat sushi or Chinese food.

Les Chopsticks....

Les Chopsticks....


I was just looking at the word “Utensil”… what an odd word! Ever look at a word and think… “Is that right? It just looks wrong!”?

AND… every time I typed it, I spelled it “untensil”. How very odd!

Main Entry:
uten·sil           Listen to the pronunciation of utensil
\yˈten(t)-səl, ˈyü-ˌ\
Middle English, vessels for domestic use, from Middle French utensile, from Latin utensilia, from neuter plural of utensilis useful, from uti to use
14th century

1 : an implement, instrument, or vessel used in a household and especially a kitchen

2 : a useful tool or implement
So… an untensil would perhaps be an unuseful tool?

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