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This week’s PhotoHunter theme is “Advertisement”. Coincidentally, I was driving along Richmond Road, in Ottawa’s Westboro neighbourhood when I saw that a building had been torn down, revealing a 1920s-era painted wall advertisement. Previously, if was only visible from an alley between the two buildings. Which is why I never saw it before.

Unfortunately, the building upon which it is painted is slated for demolition. The whole Westboro neighbourhood which has long been a quiet one with trendy shops is now busy, with more and more high-end trendy shops going in. Like many such neighbourhoods, it is falling victim to its own charm and many of the charming old buildings are being torn down and replaced by swank condominiums and expensive shops.

The sign has advertisements for Imperial Premier Gasoline and Stevenson Hardware. Stevenson Hardware had advertisements in the 1927 “History of Westboro”.

Westboro Painted advertisement ca. 1927

Westboro painted advertisement ca. 1927

photohunter7iq1…and probably the most Canadian of advertisements… appropriately photographed on Canada Day. This sign is on the outside wall of a former Hudson’s Bay Post along the Upper Ottawa River, at Fort William, Quebec. Again, you can’t get more Canadian than that, can you?

Drink "Canada Dry"

Drink "Canada Dry"

And now that I think about it, a little personal advertisement for my favorite beer. I don’t normally like beer but I DO like Beau’s “Lug*Tread”, a new local brewery. What you can’t see here is the etched tractor in the bottom of the glass. A really nice beer with a really nice glass.

Beau's "Lug*Tred" Lagered Ale

Beau's "Lug*Tred" Lagered Ale


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