Something I never got around to….

On Easter weekend when we were visiting with my nephew and his wife, in order to get ourselves out of their hair, Mom and I went for a drive.

I’m not terribly familiar with the area around Pickering, where my nephew lives. Rather than poke around town, Mom and I drove North to see what the countryside was like.

Straight North of Pickering is the town of Claremont, Ontario.

Claremont has the dubious distinction of being smack in the middle of the long-planned Pickering airport. This project has been in various stages of planning since at least 1972. Proponents claim that a new airport is needed. Opponents point to existing airports which easily have the capacity to handle both existing traffic and increases in traffic for he foreseeable future. They further claim that the expropriation isn’t really about an airport but is a land-grab for the GTTA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority).

Whatever the motivation, houses and farms sit empty, boarded up, and awaiting demolition.

As photographing old and abandoned buildings is one of my hobbies, I set about taking photos of as many of the buildings and the town as I could.

Here are some of the photos I took.









Ten things about me….

1 ) I am larger than a bread box and smaller than a house

2 ) My mother needed a Cesarean section when I was born. We lived in a small village (Wakefield, Quebec) and the old doctor there had never done one. Luckily, his son (also a doctor) had trained in doing them in his internship. Unfortunately, in Quebec at that time, a woman was considered chattel and my mother couldn’t sign for her own surgery. Women had to have a husband or father sign, even if they were single and living alone. Unless they reached my father, no surgery — even if my mother and I were going to die. Luckily, after several hours, a neighbour was contacted and let my father know and he was able to sign for the surgery.

3 ) A friend used to called me “Annekedote” because I have a lot of anecdotes.

4 ) a teacher once told me that I needed to “specialize”. “A Jack of all trades is a master of none.” he said. In fact, I have gotten every job I ever had because I know a little about a lot of things and can turn my hand to almost anything.

5 ) I have a mole on my right calf and my niece has one the same size , in the same place, on the same leg.

6 ) I have 9 siblings (now 8, as one died), none of whom share both my parents,  only 4 share the same two parents, and two who aren’t related to me at all….

7 ) I have been yelled at by a member of the British peerage.

8 ) I can’t stand cabbage rolls. They make me sick.

9 ) I can’t eat iceberg lettuce, bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts.

10 ) I was born with blonde, blonde tightly curled hair. My hair is now dark brown and dead straight – so fine that it won’t hold a curl or a perm.


For the last few years, I have been watching the annual nesting activities of a pair (at least I THINK it is the same pair) of Ospreys. The nest is at Nicholson’s Locks, along the historic Rideau Canal system.

The Rideau Canal waterway

The Rideau Canal waterway

There are also a couple of other nests (one outside Merrickville, and one along Donnelly Drive, east of Burritt’s Rapids) the  but this has, so far, been the one that is the easiest to watch.

A couple of weeks ago, however, I located a new nest that I must have passed a number of times and not seen. It is along County Road 19 (River Road), on the east side of the Rideau River, and is about 2/3 of the way between Kemptville and Manotick (closer to Manotick).

The nest is close enough to get a really good look at the male sitting out on a nearby branch and to see the head of the female popping her head up over the edge of the nest. There is also no powerline in the middle of your photos and the view across the river is trees rather than buildings or hydro pylons and things.

The first time we noticed the nest, the pair were actively mating. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me so wasn’t able to get photos. Now, they are actively nest-sitting.

I went down last Sunday and tooks some great photos of the nest against the sunset. Unfortunately, my littl digital camera doesn’t have a telephoto lens so I can’t take any real close-ups. I took a couple of sharp but very shaky videos using my binoculars as a make-shift telephoto but it didn’t work at all well for the still shots.

This weekend we found 4 active nests, including this one.

So here are the shots from last weekend.

The nest at sunset with the male in the tree to the right.

The nest at sunset with the male in the tree to the right.

The male in the tree. The "moon" is just from using the binoculars.

The male in the tree. The "moon" is just from using the binoculars as a telephoto.

The male taking over nesting duties.

The male taking over nesting duties.



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