Drat! PhotoHunter Addendum…. Walking

It wasn’t until I visited someone else’s blog that I remembered that I used to spend a whole weekend (Labour Day Weekend) walking up and down and up and down a very long beach on the Upper Ottawa River, near Fort William, an old Hudson’s Bay trading fort.


My friend Kelly’s family owned a cottage above the beach and we would go every Labour Day Weekend there. The spor has a long, wide sandy beach which was a long-used stopping point and hunting area for te Algonquin Indians who migrated up and down the Ottawa River in days gone by.

As a result, you can find arrow heads and the odd piece of pottery left long ago by the Natives. Down near the fort, you find thousands of shards of dishes from either the fort or the Fort William Hotel which stands next to the fort, as well as broken bits of old clay tobacco pipes.

Pot Sherd, arrowheads and flakes

Pot Sherd, arrowheads, scrapers, and flakes

On the far left, above, there is a small sherd of low-fired pottery. The two pieces to the right of that are a part of what appears to be a spear point and below that, a complete arrowhead. The three in the centre are scrapers, and the 7 pieces on the right are flakes from the making of points and scrapers.

One summer, I was wading and started to slip on a rock. I grabbed hold of a piece of metal pipe sticking up out of the water. It came up in my hand and I discovered that it was the barrel of an old Hudson’s Bay trade flintlock. I still have it somewhere. You can tell from its distinctive six sided shape and the lead inlay around the barrel.


Sunset, Fort William boat-landing

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