$1 a day…

You can’t beat the price of renting a car with CityFlitz! At a flat rate of $1 per day… Yes… that is one dollar, a mere Loonie per day !

For the outlay of $1, a choice of fuel-efficient cars (MINI Coopers, MINI Cooper Clubmans, Smart cars, VW Beetles and Toyota Prius),  you have free 24/7 pick up and delivery, free WiFi in every MINI, and unlimited mileage.

“Catch?” you ask? Well, yes. There is a catch. A number of catches to be precise.


  • The car you get is essentially a moving billboard for companies and events.
  • You have to drive at least 30 km per day
  • You have to stay within the CityFlitz “zone”
  • and you have to register as a CityFlitzer*

* Cost for CityFlitz “membership”

One-time Security Deposit (fully-refundable)    $350
Annual Registration Fee     $35
Monthly Membership Fee     $7
Daily Car Rental Rate     $1

Oh… and currently, the company is only in Toronto, but plans are afoot to open outlets in Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.

CityFlitz promotes itself as a members-only “car-sharing” service rather than car “rental” company. This means that rather than simply renting and returning, you are responsible for adhering to a series of membership rules (which include being least 23 and have had a license for three years, with no speeding convictions 20 kilometres above the speed limit and no at-fault accidents in past two years…).

There are 120 members and a waiting list of 4,000. Members can only book a car for one day at a time and can’t make a booking again until 48 hours later. Given the number of cars and the number of members, it is obvious that demand outstrips availability. However, the company says that with increased demand, they are adding new cars to their fleet.

Members are responsible to filling the gas tank and topping up the windshield fluids, as well as any bumps and dents that they get in the car. As well, they pay for any kms below the 30 km daily minimum ($4 per km).

If renting a car in a single day or for a whole week without any sort of responsibility beyond making sure you don’t have an accident and MAYBE filling the gas tank before you return it is all you are interested in, I would suggest using Hertz or Avis. But if you want the semi-regular use of a car and can work withing the rather large list of rules, perhaps “car-sharing”, whether with CityFlitz or some other company, this might appeal to you.

City Flitz Cars

City Flitz Cars

People that burn my butt…

Today, my mother and I went to the Sears store at Carlingwood Shopping Centre to get a new strap for her watch. Unfortunately, despite the fact that her watch is a reasonably well-known make of watch, the shape was unusual and the watch repair kiosk didn’t carry the strap she needed. So, I suggested we simply get Mom a new watch.

So, we toddled off the the watch department (the watch repair kiosk is privately run and the watch department is Sears-run) to look at the watches.

After looking at some of the cases, we waited at the counter to be served.

There was a male clerk serving a customer and a woman doing something at the other end of the counter. We waited for about 3 or 4 minutes before the the female clerk came towards us and I thought she was going to help us. Instead, she evaded our gaze and walked out and down the aisle. I thought she must be on her break.

We waited another 3 or 4 minutes. Then, while Mom stood at the counter, I leaned over to a nearby rack and looked at the watches in the case and when I looked back a mere 6 or so seconds later, the man who had just finished with his customer (who didn’t actually want to buy anything) walked right past my mother and down the aisle.

By now, the woman clerk was back but she was standing in the aisle about 3 feet away, talking to another woman who appeared to be either a friend or a coworker who was there on her own time.

I waited for at least a full two minutes for her to acknowledge us and then finally said “Excuse me…”

Well!!! She turned her head really slowly towards me and glared at me and turned back to her friend and finished her conversation. So I said “Never mind.” and took my mother’s arm and started to walk away. The clerk said “Can I help you?”

I said “Well, I WAS going to buy a watch but obviously it is too much trouble for you to stop your private conversation while customers who have been standing here several minutes wait to be served”.

I then walked down to customer service and made a complaint.

I worked retail for QUITE a number of years. I can understand when a store is busy that customers have to stand and wait. I can understand that people have to go on breaks. I understand seeing a friend and saying hello to them. I can understand waiting on a talkative customer.

I CANNOT understand steadfastly ignoring a customer and failing to say “I will be right with you” or “I am just on my break but XXX will be right with you”.

I cannot understand standing talking to a friend and co-worker while customers, one obviously old and frail stand waiting.

The behaviour of both the clerks was inexcusable and they both lost a guaranteed sale.

AususTek Eco-friendly laptop

While it isn’t going to cure the world’s eco problems overnight, every little bit counts.

Ausus has unveiled its eco-friendly bamboo-clad laptop.

U6V Bamboo

U6V Bamboo

“ASUS has achieved international renown for its research into, and inspired use of, biodegradable materials such as leather in its products, but its decision to embrace bamboo is nothing short of ingenious. Through the use of bamboo which has an immense tensile strength that rivals that of many metal alloys, the ASUS Bamboo notebook is highly resilient – an attribute proven conclusively by the fact that it is the first notebook to have survived the unforgiving conditions of snow-capped Qomolangma Peak, which stands at a staggering height of 8,848 meters (29,028 feet). “

Naysayers point to the fact that trees are a “renewable resource”. They conveniently forget that while trees ARE renewable, they do not regenerate on their own and require planting, are easily damaged in the planting, and require years to grow to the point where they can be harvested.  Bamboo, on the other hand, regenerates itself, requires no care or management, and with less cost outlay, reaps high reward.

“Bamboo also has a renewal rate that no other plant can match. It has been known to grow 60cm in just 24 hours, reaching its maximum height in several years. Bamboo is also capable of regenerating itself upon harvesting without necessitating replanting, making it possibly the perfect renewable resource.”

Of course, there will always be people who pooh-pooh the small steps towards solutions to eco-problems as not “curing” all the world’s problems and, therefor, not worth bothering with. The fact is that ANY small change we can make is PART of the eventual solution. You can’t build a house with one brick, but many with many bricks.

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