A little “Je ne sais quoi” de chat…

On Saturday, I took my nephew’s cat, Ace, into the vet.

Ace is not yet fixed. Neither is his brother, Onyx. The reason that neither Ace or Onyx are fixed is directly because of Ace not being fixed…. I explain…

My nephew has set up repeated appointments to have both cats fixed. Every single time, the night before, Ace has escaped and stays out for two or three days. Each time either another appointment has been set up and he escapes again, or he has come back all torn up from a fight with another cat, had to be repaired at great cost or gotten an infection which has prevented the vet from fixing him… OR… it has cost so much to repair him that they have to save up in order to be able to afforfdthe neutering…. Then, they make another appointment and Ace does a Houdini and is gone for another three days…. and the cycle continues.

This time, having JUST been repaired after having his leg bitten, he escaped again and came back with an infected eye.

So…. off to the vet.

My nephew lives in Pickering and the vet is in Etobicoke which are something like 45 minutes apart. My nephew said we didn’t need a carrier and that the last time being in the carrier “freaked him out”. Wisely… and fortunately, I decided to take the chance on him being “freaked out” in the carrier and we bought a carrier for him.

So… of we headed to the vet. We were almost at the vet’s when we got slightly lost and just as we got on track, again, my niece said… “Do you smell something?”. Indeed, I did.

Quite quickly, the car filled with the most horrendous stench of cat pee I have ever encountered.

Ace had had an “accident”. Not just had be had “an accident” he had had a 25-car pile-up of an accident in the carrier. Poor fellow. I guess because of the infection, he had a case of the runs.

The entire inside of the cage was swimming in pee and poo and Ace was saturated…. and it STANK! Even with the windows open, we were gagging.

We arrived at the vets to find a huge line up so I was forced to stand outside with the carrier. But it was so cold that I was worried about him catching cold. Eventually, I went inside…. to the obvious “delight” of the other people waiting. Thankfully, the vet’s assistant took him in the back and more or less washed him up. He still smelled horrendous.

After the vet saw him, I got a garbage bag and lined the back seat with it. Even so, that night, despite having sprayed the car down with Fabreeze and leaving th4e windows open, it still smelled as bad as it had originally. Imagine, if you will, 35 cats have been spraying in your car. That will give you some idea of how bad my car smells.

Unfortunately, my nephew had just the day before paid one of his employees to clean the car, shampoo the upholstery and rugs, and wash the outside of it. Aside from the rusty areas, the car looked almost brand new. It smelled really nice.



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