Further on my friend…

I just got word from my friend’s boyfriend. Her cancer is terminal. Weeks, not months, I think.


Mom poisons the cat…

Just a little while before I was to head to lunch with a friend and just a few hours before we have to leave for Toronto, Mom decided to give Amber his pills… the ones I give him normally. Luckily, she told me she gave him “his pills” and asked “What was the large white one?” Ummmm What “large white one” would that be”????

The “large white one” would be her 250 mgs of Metformin, for her diabetes  Luckily just one of them… Unluckily, one that is toxic to cats.  So I had two choices, according to the vet. Make him sick at home or take him in and get them to make him sick. For future reference, two tablespoonfuls of Hydrogen Peroxide will make the cat sick.

He barfed and, while I didn’t see a pill, the cat food that went in before the pill came out, along with a lot of thick foam.

Now, we have to watch him and see that he is okay.

The questions I have been trying to avoid asking her is “Why did you not read the bottle?” and  “Why did you not check with me BEFORE giving him his pills?”

Rather late in the game, I have written on the top of her pill bottles NOT CAT’s and on his bottles CAT’S in black marker.

Hopefully, this will make her remember to check the labels first. Of course, once last year SHE took one of HIS heart pills.

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