PhotoHunter: Stripes

Since I will be unable to post these on Saturday, I am going to be a bit fast off the mark.

I haven’t taken too many photos of anything striped so I was wracking my brain trying to think what to post. Then I remembered my little stripey friends…

Last summer, I brought home some snail shells which were lying in the parking lot at work. I make sculptures out of found objects (which can be found here and here). I sort of dumped the shells on my desk and a few days later started fiddling around with them in order to plan how to assemble them into something. I was poking one with the end of a dried grape tendril when I realized that it was soft on the inside.  I rehydrated the shell and, lo and behold, a snail popped its head out!

Apparently, although they aren’t usually found in our area, a landscape company accidentally deposited a whole lot of them in the mulch around the government office where I work.

I went out and bought a terrarium for it, brought home a few friends and they spent the summer with me. In the fall, I was worried about my being able to keep them alive so I released them in my yard.

Striped Snail

Striped Snail




Dince I can't leave well enough alone....

Since I can't leave well enough alone....

Snail and Feather

Snail and Feather

There are more of the Snail and Feather images here.

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