People are very, very stupid…..


Thousands flocked to a Roman Catholic church on the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion Saturday after believers said they saw the “face of Christ” in the pleats of a church cushion.

Church officials limited access to the Jesus-Misericordieux church in eastern Saint-Andre’s Cambuston district to a few minutes per visitor as traffic in the area ground to a halt.

Believers and curious onlookers pulled out cameras to take pictures of the cushion attached to the priest’s chair.

Antoinette, an 82-year-old parishioner, said the face was a “divine phenomenon” as tears welled up her eyes.

“This church is a holy site,” added Lise-May, another worshipper.

Saturday afternoon Saint-Andre authorities put up four tents outside the church so the faithful could follow mass.

A group of about 30 parishioners who had joined a Christian ceremony ahead of the Easter holiday had been the first to notice the particular setting of the cushion.

“This is not a miracle, it’s a sign of God,” said parish priest Daniel Gavard.

Reunion Bishop Gilbert Aubry has so far not commented on the occurrence which came within days of outbursts of violence over the high cost of living on the island whose economy depends on tourism and subsidies from the French state. – The Australian News

You see WHAAAT?

You see WHAAAT?

Looks more like Bob Marley, to me…

Now, that's a miraculous appearance...

Now, that's a miraculous appearance...

From Spit Shine Your Black Clouds

You have to see the original photo!

People that burn my butt….

  • Websites for major US networks that don’t allow anyone outside the US to watch videos, on their website, of their programs, even when you can get their network on cable. Hellooo… Do you WANT people to watch your shows?
  • People who pay good money to go and see a movie/show and then talk all the way through it… Worse. People who pay good money to go and see a musician play, sit right up front… and then proceed to have very loud conversations instead of listening to the music. AND THEN DON’T APPLAUD at the end of songs. If you are going to be an asshole, do it at the back of the room and leave the seats up front for people who appreciate the music.
  • People who are in such a damn hurry that they can’t wait for the red light to change and start edging into the intersection and then, when the light DOES change, don’t notice that it changed and just sit there.
  • People who buy cars with standard transmissions, can’t change gears smoothly and as a result come to two almost complete stops while gearing up through intersections. Yeesh… Mario Andretti… learn to drive it or buy an automatic before someone rear-ends you!
  • “Photographers” who show up for live music shows and use their flash. Fine if you were asked to by the musician/band to take photos but if not and you didn’t ask, it’s just damn impolite to use your flash while they are trying to sing…. AND it is just as annoying to the audience that also gets assaulted by your flash. NEWSFLASH… You can usually take perfectly good photos without using a flash and if you can’t, too bad. The world does not revolve around you and your camera.

(from desktopnexus)

(from desktopnexus)

On the subject of camera flashes: Here is a nifty idea for those who have the old-style hot-shoe flash (It could also work, with some modifications, with other flashes, as well… A Do-it-yourself flash diffuser

“Kings”… I’m hooked!

There’s a new series on NBC, called “Kings” with Ian McShane (Deadwood, The Great Escape) and Chris Egan (Eragon).


Set in the modern day but in an alternate reality, familiar and yet not, “Kings” is a modern retelling of the David and Goliath story, from the point where “David” meets “Goliath” onwards. In this case “David” is David Shepherd (Chris Egan). “Goliath” is a huge tank belonging to the Gath enemy army. After defying orders and crossing into no-man’s-land in order to rescue captured comrades (including Jack, the son of King Silas), David becomes a reluctant hero to his homeland, Gilboa, in the mistaken belief that he was responsible for the destruction of the tank and the saving of Jack. In fact, he was in the act of surrendering when a stray grenade did the destroying for him.

In gratitude, King Silas (Ian McShane) gives him a desk job he doesn’t want (he would rather be at the front with his comrades) and which causes a rift between Silas and his own son, Jack (Sebastian Stan) and leads to Jack’s turning against his father.

Add to this, the machinations of Silas’ brother-in-law, William Cross, whose megalo-corporation (Cross Gen) maneuvered Silas into power and has a vested interest in maintaining a war (cough “Dick Cheney” cough “Haliburton“? cough…) and the Reverend Samuels, literally God’s voice on Earth, who sees the writing on the wall, and you have powerful drama.

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More video clips, here (only available in the US, it seems)

Also featuring Wes Studi (Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans).



We have to take Amber to the vet again today… Blood in his urine.

He seems happy enough… in his usual Eeyore-ish sort of way. I hate to be so negative about this but I am really tired of wiping up pee from the hall floor and scrubbing the floor for 5 feet around his “pee mat” every couple of days (mopping and washing spots daily, sometimes several times daily) and, as much as I love the old geezer….

I would never “get rid” of a pet for expedience’s sake it just gets me very, very down… Mom doesn’t notice when he pees on the floor and can’t smell it. It is depressing and annoying… It doesn’t ADD to the huge pile of things that are dragging me down.


Back from the vet… His gum where he had one of his teeth removed is slightly infected and he could have a bit of a bladder infection… or just be a bit “upset” after his dental work (who wouldn’t be) and also from the gum infection which can cause a “cranky bladder”. She gave him an antibiotic shot to cover at least the gum infection and possible bladder infection… Then we have to see.

AND… I am coming down with a cold. Dandy.

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