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Space is sort of a difficult topic. I was looking for some photos that evoked the idea of “space” on earth… as in “the wide open spaces”. Living in Saskatchewan might be an advantage with a topic like this. However, I live in Ontario and don’t have any photos from my one trip out there.

Instead, I decided to go on a completely different tack and use some images that I crated a few years ago, in separate projects. In fact, the method of obtaining the initial images are quite the reverse of putting space between me and the subjects and are macros.

After obtaining the preliminary image, I used my editing software to “push” the images as I would in the darkroom.

The resulting images have a sort of “other worldliness”…. creating a sort of “inner space”.

I put links in so you can see more of the resulting images, as well as the images I started with. Just click on the image and it will take you to the rest of the photos in the series.







Here is a video I did using the images from the series the last two come from:

[livevideo id=8599AA711A0044E09C3111DE98890848/133528/-lights-.aspx]

Mac Killed My Inner Child

I love it when you hear the equivalent of “But the Mac is God’s greatest gift to mankind!” I think not…

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