People that burn my butt…

  • People who send things to the printer that is out of paper and instead of putting paper in the printer, reprint it at another printer…. It isn’t brain surgery! Open the drawer and put some paper in! (This includes not just the first person who didn’t bother putting paper in but the 4 people who followed up the first person so that I have to wait while 5 print jobs complete before MINE prints).
  • People who don’t bother signaling and then barge into your lane like you were supposed to know that was what they intended to do…
  • People who don’t understand how to use the merge lane. You don’t have to drive down the full length until you run out or road… You can merge at any time…. and use your Goddamn signal!
  • People whose idea of changing lanes is to drive at the same speed as the car beside them instead of slowing slightly in order to get in the 5 car-length space behind the guy the are driving next to…. and use your Goddamn signal!
  • People who turn right by turning left first or turn right from the middle lane instead of using the well-marked and very thoughtfully provided turn lane…. and use your Goddamn signal!

A number of years ago, a radio station in Quebec )Montreal, if I recall) asked drivers what the little stick on the left side of their steering wheel was for. A surprising number had no idea… I don’t think they are completely alone in their ignorance.

My father was absolutely sure that you did not have to indicate if you were changing lanes. Perhaps it was changing lanes to your right. Either way, he was wrong. Of course, he also swore up and down that it was illegal to make a left turn from a one way to a one way on a red light and refused to look in the Driver’s Handbook to confirm it. In fact, unless there is a sign which says you can’t, it is perfectly legal in Ontario to do so. You still have to use your turn light, though.

  • People who stand through an entire line-up at a store and wait until the cashier has totaled up their order to dig into their purse to get their wallet out… and then pay in small change.
  • People who put their cart right in the middle of the aisle while they look at the merchandise… and then give you stink eye because you have the “nerve” to move it out of the way so you can pass by.
  • Perfectly able-bodied men who barge through a space where a senior citizen is standing, nearly knocking them off their feet without “noticing” that they have done so. They are called eyes… use them.


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  1. Dawn said,

    February 28, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    Yes, I missed the one about going into the passing lane, then driving the same speed as the car beside them for about 20 km going 5 km below the speed limit. My daughter reminded me of that one today.

    It drives me nuts when people put their cart in the middle of the isle or when they are standing there blocking the whole isle because they park their cart and then the whole family has to stand where you would go around, so they can look at the labels and you stand and wait and say excuse me and they think you are a jerk.

    Thanks for the comment on my post. It was definitely a crazy week.

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