New mother at 60? Henry is a father at 111!

Considered “past his prime” by all that knew him, Henry found new vigour after having recently had a tumour removed from his bottom. Previously, he showed no interest in females (yeah, well, with a tumour on YOUR butt…) but recently he and 80 year-old Mildred became the proud parents of 11 offspring.

Henry, isn’t your average post-centenarian, needless to say.

In fact, Henry is a Tuatara, a lizard from New Zealand. Tuatara are the last remaining members of a species of dinosaur, a “living fossil”.

The babies, like all babies, are cute as buttons.



In a related (sort of) story…

A university has apologised to a graduate student after his unique collection of lizard excrement was thrown away by mistake.

Daniel Bennett had been studying the rare Butaan lizard for more than five years in the Philippines and was working towards a doctorate.

He had built up a collection of faeces samples which were stored at Leeds University.

Kitty du Jour…

MacKenzie’s cat… Wilbert.

"This you will pay for..."

"This you will pay for..."

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