This morning, I was awakened at 7:30 am by a “tree pruning” company hacking away with chainsaws at the beautiful trees in our co-op.

Apparently, the chopping of 8 to 12 feet of branches from the ground up and rendering the trees a lot less beautiful is for “security reasons”. The idea is that we can see anyone lurking about on the property. Of course, I can now see into the living room of the people opposite, now and there are less branches for birds to call home.

Some years ago, I was on the Board for the co-op and we had an on-going problem with kids hanging out in the open area behind our set of units and the community building, as well as vandalism and thefts from the community building and several units. At that time, we ordered that a motion-sensitive security light be installed which would hopefully stop this problem. The committee responsible made all sorts of excuses as to why this wasn’t feasible and why they didn’t want to do so. We finally ordered them to do it…. It was never done.

So, now, we are back to having our trees hacked up rather than spend a $100 or so dollars on a security light.

Meanwhile, on most summer evenings, groups of teens congregate at the end of one set of units across our parking lot drinking, partying, and breaking bottles until the wee hours or until the police are called. The one street light at that end of the co-op has been broken for years. A security light would solve that problem.

In my missive to the Board this morning, I almost suggested that we chop down all the trees, remove the fences, put up security bars and have roving bands of co-op members armed with baseball bats wander about the co-op at all times to provide “security”.

In fact, one of our “security conscious” neighbours actually suggested a few years ago that we have a “security patrol” do night patrols. Oddly, whenever the kids are creating a ruckus requiring the police be called, I haven’t seen this particular neighbour out and about “providing security”.

Quite frankly, I am of the opinion that the “tree trimming” has less to do with “security” and more to do with a certain member’s fetish for ensuring that all vegetation be removed with the exception of small, geometrically planted plots of annuals in front of each unit. This same member came over when my nephew was doing some yard work (preparing for the fence replacements) when I wasn’t home and ordered him to yank out all my plants along the fenceline. This despite the fact that he wasn’t on the committee in charge of preparing for the fencing and the person who was had visited and we discussed what should and should not come out.

The other member chopped down all the trees around our unit and ordered my nephew to tear up the entire garden, whether or not they would have in any way affected the work to be done.

It must really gall him that many of the plants, though displaced, grew back. Although my garden looks like Hell, I am letting the plants grow as they will and to Hell with him. Sadly, the trees are gone for good.

This is the same person who chopped down a tree rather than fix the retaining wall around our yard. The tree he chopped down wasn’t the one causing subsidance… so, of course, the one that was had to be chopped down, as well.

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