The Skull Bunny adds another band…

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge fan of a local band called The Sunbleached Skulls. The Skulls are three guys who are now close friends and I go to every show. They play a mix of alt-country, traditional Rock n’ Roll, Roots, and Folk music and I love everything they do.

I am their official “#1 Skull-Bunny”.

The are also individually involved in their own projects and Ken Workman, the Skulls’ bass man, has his own band called Ken Workman and the Union. He is in the process of putting out his first CD and he and his band have been doing a lot of gigs around town.

On Saturday night, Ken did a solo, opening for another band, the Rick Hayes Acoustic Trio. I intended just to hang about to hear Ken but decided to have a listen to Rick Hayes. Well, Was I glad I did!

Rick is from Newfoundland. While he is sort of “part-timing” the music while pursuing a degree in psychology, he has the potential of being one of the best traditional folk musicians to come out of the Maritimes.

Swiped from Rick Hayes’ website…

He has a few of the songs on his MySpace page.

His CD, produced this summer without the trio, is great. I can see that with the trio, the next CD will be even better.

The trio, BTW, includes Sean Burke, the bass player from Ken Workman and The Union; and Rich Waller. Sean is another local musician who has an incredible talent who has played or opened for some of the biggest names in the business. All three on stage together are simply astounding.

Swiped, I’m afraid, from Sean Burke’s MySpace… I hope he doesn’t mind (just until I take a few of my own)

It goes without saying that I will be spreading myself pretty thin trying to get to yet another set of gigs!

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