You count your blessings

I got a speeding ticket today… my first in 20 years driving… I was lucky because I was 20 over the limit but because of my attitude (pleasant, as usual, and not freaking out like 90 percent of the people he encounters) he dropped it down to 15 over the limit. That means that I don’t pay $100 and lose 3 demerit points, I get a $52.50 fine and no demerit points.

Even so, I feel very lucky today because I had stopped on Hawthorne to get gas ($1.19!) and gone in to work for 5 (literally 5 minutes) to have something copied and scanned and headed back home and right in the intersection in front of the gas station, there were 5 police cars and at least two ambulances, glass scattered across three lanes of traffic, a car backwards on the median against a pole and something lying on the pavement under a plastic sheet… As there was a dump truck parked just ahead of the accident, I am surmising that it hit the car.

If I had been a few minutes earlier arriving back at the intersection or a few minutes later leaving the gas station….

A speeding ticket barely seems insignificant.

You count your blessings.


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