Barely the energy it takes…

A week or so ago, a friend asked me “When you walk out of your house in the morning is there a big, black cloud suspended over you?”

Yep…. more or less….

In the last month, I have had to rescue Mom from financial crisis (several times), rescue myself from financial crisis, had a car accident ($5000 damage which will inevitably cause my car insurance, set to be renewed in August, to skyrocket) and had to find the $500 deductible plus pay the extra insurance on the rental (insurance paid for the rental for the 21 days but their insurance had a deductible and Enterprise rental insurance has a zero deductible) and fork out another $400 for said extra insurance when I anticipated less than $200, get the “Drive Clean” emissions test before I could renew the plates on the car which had to be renewed on June 10th (another $70 for the renewal and $38 for the emissions test).

The accident happened when the car slid on wet pavement and I slid into the back of a 1991 Volvo
station wagon. Since sliding into the back end of a Volvo is sort of like sliding into a block of solid rock, there was much damage to my front end and nothing more than a strip of accent trim which fell off the back and two broken rear light lenses.

Mine required the replacement of hood, fender, grille, rad, front left quarter panel, driver side door, and a number of supports and trim for said parts. There would have likely been less damage had I not tried to steer into the empty right-hand lane which would have meant that instead of all the force being centered in the driver’s side corner it would have been distributed across the whole front. There would have been a lot less damage. Hindsight=20-20, and all that.

The accident also happened 4 days after I made the final payment on my car. Typical!

Things can only look up from here.

BTW, I called the Wild Bird Centre to check on the little bird. It died….

On animals… At Canadian Tire, while sitting waiting for the outcome of the emissions test (passed), there was an announcement telling the driver of a car to get out to the parking lot because his dog “was going nuts”. Some fuckehead had left their dog in the car with the windows rolled up (not that it matters if they were rolled up or cracked open… it is deadly, either way). They were warned to get out to the parking lot or their window would be smashed. I hope they did it anyway.

Even early in the morning it was hot. At the time of the announcement, the temp was above 32 deg. Celcius. It can be well over that in a closed car within minutes.

This evening, Mom and I went out to have Poutine in Richmond. There were two little girls with tiny kittens, barely 3 weeks old. They told us that their friend had found them tied in a bag on the banks of the Jock River. Another fuckhead who has no respect for the lives of animals. Instead of taking the kittens to the Humane Society…. Instead of getting their cat fixed like a responsible person would… tie them in a bag and throw them in the river. Fuckhead….

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