People are pinheads!

So…. the CBC publishes this story about the Queen’s grandson, Peter Phillips, marrying a woman from Montreal, Autumn Kelly, who has converted from Catholicism so he won’t lose his place in the line to the throne…

If you read the pin-headed comments from people, you wonder what planet they live on. Firstly, every one knows that any self-respecting prince meets his women at a dance thrown by his father to which he invites all the eligible women in the realm for his son to pick from, not at the Grand Prix… So this woman is OBVIOUSLY a “gold digger”.

Secondly, any woman who wears a hat like that has royal blood…

Thirdly, well… thirdly, people are pinheads and the pin-headed comments just prove it.

Personally, I think the CBC should go back to only publishing letters to the editor, not offensive comments from people who think that the ability to poke their fingers on the keyboard, even if they can’t spell or make coherent sentences, means that they have have an opinion worth reading.

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