If it looks like bullshit and smells like bullshit….

“Interior Ministry spokesman Brig.-Gen. Javed Iqbal Cheema said that on Friday the government recorded an “intelligence intercept” from an “al-Qaeda leader,” Baitullah Mehsud.”

Of course,Cheema also said Bhutto had died from injuries caused by hitting her head on her car’s sunroof as she came under fire, rather than from gunshot wounds or shrapnel. I guess I have been pretty lucky not to exploded myself when I have banged my head on the car roof.

Odd that most other major Taliban or al-Qaeda actions have been announced widely and loudly via al Jazeera …. while this one was quietly made through transmissions only captured by the Pakistan government. Next they’ll be saying that Bhutto blew herself up to discredit the government.

Since al Jazeera hasn’t had a communique from al-Qaeda, I’m going with the Pakistani government telling porkers (or the Muslim equivalent).

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