The Corpse is Dead. Long Live the Corpse…

As some of you may know, for a little over a year I have been participating in “An Exquisite Corpse“, a collaborative art “game”.

Basically, 4 people collaborate in the construction of an artwork but none of the participants know what the other people have contributed to the whole, aside from a small strip from the bottom of the piece contributed by the player above them.

Unfortunately, the host has decided to move on to other things and we were in danger of losing what has become a terrific pastime for many of us.

Luckily, someone else has risen to the challenge and has started a new website called…. “The New Exquisite Corpse“. She is in the first stages of rallying the troops and we should soon see some pieces appearing before long.

Some recent favorite Corpses include:

Trapped Inside / Torture-Induced Beatitude / Hunh, What / Sunk

Candy Mountain Lion / Staaaarving / Lobsters In Love / Has Rabies!

Full Fish / Simurgh Saves Her / Down South / In Orbit

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