RCMP falsehoods on Dziekanski’s death (Globe and Mail)

“Canadians cannot believe a word the RCMP have to say over the taser death of Robert Dziekanski. The cruelty of the response by four Mounties to the Polish man’s plight is a shocking example of police inhumanity. The disinformation campaign waged later can only further harm the reputation and credibility of the force. How, when an RCMP spokesman stands up in the future and calmly gives a version of events involving a member, can he be trusted?” (read the full editorial)

What is certain about this sad and tragic event is that the RCMP have shamed themselves and done more harm to the reputation of their own personnel than any smear campaign could ever do.

When, in the wake of a series of shootings which have taken the lives of officers who have striven to uphold justice and to keep citizens in their communities safe, a single event tarnishes the reputation of the entire force. It cheapens the lives and deaths of those officers killed in the line of duty.

For those spokespersons for the RCMP to continue to lie and distort what is patently apparent to most Canadians… who can see with their own eyes what transpired in the Vancouver airport isn’t just ludicrous, it is criminal.

Obviously, they took a leaf from the SQ book on how to deal with public scrutiny of transgressions… Lie, lie, lie… Never admit a fault, even when faced with evidence which proves guilt. Lie, and it will all go away.

Clearly, none of them took to heart their mothers’ advice that it is always better to tell the truth and admit a fault than to lie and risk the shame of being caught in a lie.

Meanwhile, the memorial service for Mr. Dziekanski will be held tomorrow in BC and, despite being invited, not a single of the invited MLAs or local politicians has chosen to appear at the service. Are they afraid of being seen to have concern or compassion for Mr. Dziekanski’s grieving mother?

Shame on them.

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