Judge for yourself…

CAUTION: Video contains footage of a violent death.

Paul Pritchard, the bystander who vidoetaped the minutes leading up to the Tasering and eventual death of Robert Dziekanski by RCMP officers at Vancouver airport last month finally has his footage back and released it.

To my mind there is no question that the death of Robert Dziekanski would never have happened if someone had taken the time to do allow this man to speak to an interpreter or let him use their cellphone to reach his mother.

The RCMP story about the events keeps changing from “he was drunk and out of control”(according to the autopsy, he had no alcohol at all in his system. Nor were there drugs), to “he resisted the police” to “the footage doesn’t tell the entire story”. It certainly tells more than the police bothered to find out before they, within 25 seconds of arriving on the scene, Tasering him.

I think the video speaks very clearly about whether the police acted correctly and with appropriate force or went in half-cocked, Tasered an man who was agitated (twice within a few second and while the man was down), and caused him to lapse into a coma by kneeling on his neck and head (as witnesses and the video show).

Judge for yourself

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