Bail for Alleged child molester…. $5,000

A provincial court in Abbotsford, B.C., has granted bail of $5,000 to Orville Frank Mader, who’s accused of sex crimes in Thailand, but he will remain in jail until he comes up with the money.

Mader, 54, also has to stay away from children unless he’s under supervision of an adult appointed by the court — a condition of his bail.

Mader was nabbed at Vancouver International Airport on Nov. 1, after getting off a plane from Asia. He’s is originally from Kitchener, Ont., and has lived in Surrey, B.C.

He was held by authorities under a protective order after a provincial court judge ruled he could pose a threat to children under the age of 14.

Thai police issued an arrest warrant for Mader on Oct. 31 in connection with alleged sexual abuse committed in the coastal city of Pattaya, known for its brothels and other sex industry venues.

Another example of the courts not taking seriously the risk of releasing child molesters, alleged or otherwise, without proper assurances they won’t either disappear or offend. Obviously, this man poses a flight risk since he left Thailand to evade capture. The amount of bail and the fact that his family doesn’t seem to think he poses any risk is cause enough to concern for both flight and offending.

If the “supervision of an adult appointed by the court” is anything like the one appointed by the court when my former brother-in-law* was given house-arrest for molesting a child (his wife who didn’t believe that he was guilty, despite his pleading guilty), there is nothing to stop him from offending.

I wonder how soon we will be hearing about his escapades after doing a bunk or kidnapping a child. Of course, if the courts take as seriously any further offenses by him as they did those by Peter Whitmore.

*Who was reported for breaking the conditions of his release and the police and court did nothing, despite an automatic 3 year sentence for breaking the conditions.

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