“Roll Over Beethoven”. This 1961 cover by The Velaires is the most popular cover of the song, ever. more… The Velaires scored a top ten hit nationally with this release on the Jamie record label (the song posted at #1 in the Los Angeles area, according to Billboard Magazine.) Appearances on American Bandstand and national tours with Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars followed, as well as many subsequent releases on eight different labels. The Velaires were inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Velaires founder and lead guitar, Danny Matousek, was my cousin.


Some photos taken on a trip along the Quebec sideof the Ottawa River

The Boy That Nobody Liked….

… still cries out for attention…

Mulroney still blames everyone else for his failures and still can’t understand why nobody likes him.

“Citizens tend to expect in their leaders a certain cool, self-possessed decorum. Pierre Trudeau had that quality, Mulroney didn’t. There were many reasons for Mulroney to envy Trudeau, but this may have been the most compelling.

In Memoirs he comes across as something of a whiner, a politician who loses his poise when dealing with failure or betrayal. His anger is too overt, his neediness too obvious, just as when he was in office. Serenity under pressure was a quality he admired but could never emulate.” Robert Fulford, National Post (Read the full article)

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