It’s like someone read my mind!

Ever since the mishap with my car windshield*, I have been wishing I had some (affordable) way of attaching my camera to my car window. At a very reasonable price ($3.00 US at Walmart), you can get the handy, dandy CP-5 from One Source Network! Not only does it clamp on to your car window (or any other like object), it also clamps onto the top of a standard water bottle!

A tripod in a pinch!!!!

Of course, I already have my mini tripod and the Joby Gorillapod which has fully adjustable legs which can be bent, wrapped, twisted or propped on a myriad of surfaces. My only complaint is that, while they claim that the “Gorillapod’s lock ring enables extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached.” I find mine never does stay tightly locked. I have to check repeatedly to ensure that my camera is tightly attached. It tends to work its way loose while I am simply handling it. It HAS a quick-release, too but I find that more of a pain” than “quick”.

* We had bodywork done on the car early this summer and when they finished, they washed the car and applied a Teflon coating to it. All well and good, except that the coating reacted with the winter washer fluid we had been using (because it works a Hell of a bit better that the summer stuff and water just sheets off it), leaving the front windshield both ripply and slightly foggy.

This appears to have actually BONDED to the glass and no chemical, solvent, or scraping has any effect on the coating. I have even tried oven cleaner… no effect.

We have been waiting for the insurance company to tell us whether they are going to pay to replace it. Meanwhile, I can’t film out the front window of my car (Hell, I can barely SEE out of it when the sun hits it!).

If the Insurance company doesn’t pay for it I am hoping that bitter winter temperatures will reverse the process…. I doubt it will, though.

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