The mayor and City Council have apologized to a 70-year-old woman arrested after a dispute with a police officer over her brown lawn – but she has still been charged in the case. [read the full story]

Case of the lifeless lawn (Daily Herald)

By the letter of the law Flygare acted properly, but that’s about all that can be said about his handling of the incident. He apparently could think of no better way to handle a 70-year-old woman and her quirky combativeness than to wrestle her into submission.” [read full commentary]

My personal opinion is that, unless her lawn is full of garbage or an actual hazard to neighbours, whose business is it?

Garden Nazis
I live in a co-op where the guy in charge of “Landscape” has his ass glued permanently to the ride-em mower and all the public areas, as well as all the other areas where people mow their laws within an inch of their lives are brown and full of weeds. We, on the other hand, have a bright green lawn. We also have constant and pointed comments from “Mr. Mower” about how “unsightly” our lawn is because it is (are you sitting down?) “over 3” long, as though it is some sort of federal law that it can’t be that long.

There was a move on the part of some members to ban pesticides and herbicides in the co-op. “Mr. Mower” just about had an embolism. Despite presenting facts and figures from actual experts which showed the link between weedy lawns and over-mowing, he and others proclaimed that unless we used herbicides, the 4 Riders of the Apocalypse would soon be looming over the co-op.

Well, they had their was because all their lawns are brown and full of weeds…. not because they didn’t use herbicides but because they continue to mow the lawns to 1″… So, he has run out to Rona and bought herbicides.

My lawn? Despite the fact that I haven’t watered my lawn once this year, used herbicides, or mowed my lawn more than 4 times all summer (and never to under 3″) I have a green lawn with very few weeds.

Of course, he also chopped down all our trees and, while I was out one day, ordered my niece’s boyfriend to pull chop down my garden last summer. We were about to have the fence replaced and the committee that oversaw this had very carefully gone through my garden with me looking at what was what and what needed to be carefully moved and what didn’t need to move at all.

Despite his having nothing whatever to do with the fence replacement, “Mr. Mover” came over and ordered my nephew to pull out or chop down all my plants, including a rare, wild Clematis.

He must be really miffed because many of them, though damaged most, including the Clematis, came back. The trees, though, are gone…. My garden looks like Hell but I am damned if I am going to do anything at all to it. If he complains, I will tell him and anyone who listens that it is a mess because he ordered my garden pulled up and it it, therefore, his fault. I may even use the “Garden Nazi” term.

He seems to have a real hatred for both trees and perennials since he regularly comes through and whipper snips my and others’ borders and chops down trees. Meanwhile, he and his wife have neat little squares with three Petunias and a marigold out front of their house and glare at anyone who has a real garden.

Someone moves out and, even when the new person moving in wants the garden left intact, they come in and rip is all out.

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