What the Hell is wrong with people?????

The phone line set up by the police to allow people to call in tips on the disappearance of nine-year old Cédrika Provencher, from a street in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, has been flooded with calls.

Unfortunately, many of the calls are from people who don’t actually have a tip….. People have been calling in with everything from dreams and intuitions, to voicing their despair on the disappearance, or simply because they are lonely. Meanwhile, police fear that someone with an actual tip may give up because they haven’t been able to get through while police are listening to someone who just wants to talk.

Unfortunately, nowhere can I find a link-able poster with the information about Cedrika in English. Nor does the Sûreté du Québec have an English website (does THIS surprise me?… Um…No….).

The closest I can find is in French, I have to do as a jpg.

My friend, Cat….

Thanks for being there, Doll! I love ya…..

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