Next they’ll be blaming us for the end of Civilization as we know it….

A study — published in the July 26, 2007, edition of the New England Journal of Medicine — suggests that obesity may be “socially contagious.” The study found that your chances of becoming obese are much higher if someone you are closely connected to becomes obese.

And it may not be because you’re spending evenings sitting on the couch with your spouse or kids munching potato chips, eyes glued to the tube. Blame your friends.
The researchers found that if someone you consider a friend becomes obese, your chances of crossing 30 on the old BMI scale go up by 57 per cent. Among mutual friends, the odds go up by 171 per cent.

Yeah, perhaps they ought to do a study on why some scientists are idiots. Lets turn the result into the reason….. failing to look at the cause.

People who get cancer are more likely to smoke as a result…

People who have allergies are more likely to live in places with grass….

I notice no one made a big thing about the Swedish study that found that people who are 15% “overweight” tend to live longer and happier lives than people who are 15% “underweight”. That doesn’t make fat people feel bad and doesn’t support the bias that society has towards women being size zero… so why bother?

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