HSW at the C ‘n R Festival

The falls at Smiths Falls

My good friends, Harris, Smith and Workman (aka The Sun Bleached Skulls) played at the Chocolate and Railway Festival in Smiths Falls, today.

HSW on the patio at Rob Roy’s

The festival celebrates the city’s claim to fame as a hub for the railway and the production centre for
Hershey’s Chocolate.

Unfortunately, late last year, Hershey’s announced it was closing the Smiths Falls plant, early in 2008… thus depriving the city of its main industry. Hopefully, saner heads will prevail and Hershey’s will rethink the closing of the plant. (Sign the petition!) Meanwhile, this picturesque and historic city on the Rideau River hosts one of the best “little” (but growing) music festivals in the area.

One Square Mile, on stage at the festival.

Good friends… Great day!

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