In the "No shit, Sherlock!" department….

Confirming my belief that criminals are just plain stupid….

“It’s a bad idea to burglarize a place marked “K-9 training facility.””


“One of the world’s oldest chimps, Fifi, has died in Australia, zoo officials said Friday.

Fifi was the matriarch of the 18 chimpanzees at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and celebrated her 60th birthday in May with sugar-free cupcakes and coconuts among four generations of her family. But Fifi, who suffered from arthritis and had taken to sipping from a cup of chamomile tea each morning in her later years, stayed in bed Thursday morning, raising suspicions among the keepers that she was unwell, the zoo said in a statement.

Keepers provided her with fresh bedding and her favourite foods, while other chimps in the group visited her throughout the day, the zoo said. She died peacefully in the afternoon.”

Now… don’t tell me that Chimps aren’t so very much like humans.

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